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Name: Mr.Luo
Tel: +86-755-86703382
Fax: +86-755-86703392
Mobile: 15507535963 (微信同号)
E-mail: info@leaderic.com
Add: RM601,NO D Building, Fuyuan Commercial Centre, No.117,Fanshen Road, Bao'an District,Shenzhen, China

Online service

1.What products do you sell? 
R: We mainly sell various kinds of imported instruments, including Monsoon Solution Power Monitor, Loram Instruments, Keithley Instruments.  
     We are the authoised distrubor for Loram Instruments.        

2. What is your advantage? 
R:We have the instruments in stock,  we can delivery the instruments qucikly, we can support technical questions. 

3.How about your  quality? 
R:We only offer original and brand new instruments, all the instruments we sell can be traced to manufacturer.

4. Payment terms.
R: Usually our payment terms are TT and COD, however, high--qualified customers could pay us with NET.we also accept ESCROW 

5.Shipment terms.
R: HK/overseas delivery  or domestic delivery, we use UPS,DHL ,SF as our logistic shipment.

6. Can you offer invoice?
R:We could issue 17%VAT for domestic customers, either make the deal without taxes, welcome to inquire us for more details